Cafeteria Staff:

Deloris Henson, Food Service Director - Phone:354-2600, Ext. 521, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Missy Willis, Cafeteria Manager - Phone:  354-8478, Ext. 339, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Sara Morgan, Head Cashier, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Kitchen Phone:  354-8478 ext. 355


Account Questions:

Please contact Missy Willis at 354-8478, Ext 339.

Monthly Menus & Prices

Middle - High School Cafeteria Menus:

Breakfast Menus -

Lunch Menus -


Meal Price Information:

Breakfast Prices:  $1.50 - Reduced Breakfast Price:  $0.30

Adult Breakfast: $1.75

Lunch Price: $2.45 - Reduced Lunch Price:  $0.40

Adult Lunch: $2.89

Extra Entree: $1.35

Extra side, extra milk, extra juice: $0.40

2017-2018 Cafeteria Information:

Free & Reduced Lunch Forms:

For a copy of the Free/Reduced Lunch Forms are located on the Student/Parent information tab under Policies. You can fill out these forms and return them to Central Office at anytime.

Meal Charging Policy

Student and Parent Information:

The student's cafeteria number will be their student ID number.  They must know this number.  They may need to write it on their hand the first few days of school.

We prefer they come down in the morning during breakfast to put money in their account.  This makes the lines move faster at lunch.

We offer breakfast for $1.50 and .30 cents for a reduced breakfast.  They come to breakfast right off the bus.

We offer the Homestyle lunch line, which is what they were use to at the elementary school, cost is $2.45 and .40 cents for a reduced lunch. We also offer an ala-carte line; in this line every item varies in price.

If your child is on Free/Reduced meals they may eat in the Homestyle line or get a small salad with crackers or hot roll, fruit and milk from the ala-carte line. If they want a snack or something off the ala-carte line they will need to have money in their account or cash for that.

There will be a snack machine in the hallway between the cafeterias with poptarts, chips, etc. These may be used before school, during lunch and after school.

No ala-carte items or snacks will be charged. If they forget their money they can eat off the Homestyle line and charge it. The charge must be paid in the same week that it was charged.

If you send a check with your child for lunch, we must put the full amount in your child's account.  We cannot give them cash back out of a check that is made out to Pike Central Cafeteria.   We prefer that children use their account instead of cash.  This makes the lines move much faster.

We do not send home account notices, the cashiers will tell your child the account balance after each transaction.

The amount of money that your child spends is between you and them but please keep in mind that the money goes very fast if your child is eating in the ala-carte line or purchasing extras, snacks, etc.

If you ever have a question about your child's account or would like to know the balance feel free to contact us at 354-8478 Ext. 339.

Missy Willis, Cafeteria Manager
Deloris Henson, Pike County School Corporation, Food Service Director