Introduction to Research

Using the BIG6 model for research

Step 1: Define task  -What am I supposed to do for this assignment?   -What question do I need to answer?

Step 2: Information seeking strategies -Brainstorm all possible sources of information   -Select the best sources

 Step 3: Location and Access -Locate sources   -Find the information within the source

Step 4: Use of Information  -Study the source    -Take out relevant information

Step 5: Synthesis    -Organize information from sources    -Present the information

Step 6: Evaluation    -Evaluate the process    -Judge the product

Locate and Access Electronic Data * You can access Destiny the library catalog from home, school or the library by going to: 

You can access SIRS from the library or school computers through:  From home you will need a username: 200006905h and password: 47567 for SIRS use

Locate and Access Information: Start with general encyclopedias such as World Book for background reading - use Destiny to find books that we have for your subject - use  INSPIRE or The Readers Guide to Periodical Literature to search for magazine articles. - browse the shelf - You can always ask the librarian!

Additional Reference Resources: specialized Encyclopedias, dictionaries and almanacs organized by Dewey Decimal System 


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