Corporation Forms


Banking Information:

Direct Deposit

W-4 Form




Employee FMLA Form

Family FMLA Form

Fund Raising:

All fundraisers conducted by student groups must have school board approval prior to the event.
Fundraisers will be approved quarterly at the following board meetings - September, December, March, June
Fundraiser requests will be submitted to the building administrator and subject to their approval prior to being submitted to the school board.
Request will include product to be sold, length of fundraising event, and how the proceeds will be used.
Fundraisers cannot exceed 29 consecutive days or the item is subject to sales tax.
No raffles, lottery, 50-50, or other fundraisers involving "chance" will be approved.

Fund Raising Activity Form

Health, Life, Dental & Vision Insurance Information:

Health Insurance Enrollment Form

Health Insurance Employee Change Form

Summary of Benefits - HSA

Summary of Benefits - PPO

Employee Welcome Package

RxHC - PCSC With Drug List

Where to get care (besides the ER)

Prescription Tips

Smart Shopper Anthem IN Incentive Rewards Services

Smart Shopper New Steps Anthem IN

24 7 Nurseline

Live Health Online

Back to School Presentation 2017

Full Time Employee Life Insurance Enrollment Form

Part Time Employee Life Insurance Enrollment Form

Life Insurance Change of Beneficiary Form

Ameritas Vision Benefit Summary Form

Vision Only Enrollment Form

Dental Insurance Form


2017 Benefit Election Form

Purchase Orders and Reimbursements:

All purchase orders must have administrative approval prior to placing the order.
Reimbursement will be made only on items which have been pre-approved by the administrator.
Sales tax will not be reimbursed.

Support Staff Information:

Support Staff Handbook

Technology Information:

Staff Agreement for Internet Unblocking

Techhelpdesk Video Tutorial

Use of Facility Form