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The Title 1 Program


Title 1 is a federally funded program in our elementary schools where there is a need for additional reading and math instruction.  Teacher assistants are provided to assist youngsters who are performing below grade level.  Title 1 schools in the PCSC include Petersburg and Winslow Elementary schools.

Title 1 coordinates our pre-school program in all three PCSC elementary schools. Please call the principal of your elementary school for more information, or Terri Holmes, PCSC Title 1 program assistant, at 812-354-8731, ext. 709.

The Special Education Program

Special programs meet the educational and social needs of students with one or more disabilities.  Eligibility is determined by a team comprised of parents, teachers, and specialists.  Some students participate in full-time special classes, while others are served through inclusion support in regular classes.  For further information, please call the principal at your child's school.

The PCSC's Standardized Testing Program

School Accountability

The Indiana Statewide Testing for Educational Progress (ISTEP+) is administered in grades 3 through 8 each spring.  It is given in two sessions - an open-ended writing exam and a multiple-choice exam.  ISTEP+ test results are used by state and federal officials for school accountability purposes - Indiana's P.L 221 law and the federal No Child Left Behind legislation.

High School

End of Course Assessments in Algebra 1 and English 10 (commonly referred to as ECAs) are administered to all Indiana high school students.  Students wanting to graduate from high school must post passing scores on both exams, or obtain a waiver, to become eligible for high school graduation.  All Pike County high school students are required to pass these ECAs AND accumulate 42 course credits to meet PCHS graduation requirements.  Students are given five opportunities to pass each ECA exam.

Pike Central juniors and seniors bound for college have the opportunity to take the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and American College Testing Exam (ACT), which may be required as entrance criteria for many colleges.

Elementary and Middle School

For students in grades K-2, Wire Generation Reading 3D (DIBELS and the Test of Reading Comprehension) benchmark exams are given three times a year.  K-2 students who do not meet Indiana academic standards on these tests are given additional instruction.  They are then "progress monitored" to see if their academic performance has returned to state standard.

Students in grades 3 through 8 take Acuity benchmark tests throughout the school year.  These tests check the progress students are making toward achieving standards at their grade level.  Students who are below standard are assigned work to help them improve their skills to an acceptable level.


For further information on standardized testing in the Pike County Schools,

contact your elementary principal, middle school counselor, or high school counselor.


High School Summer School

The Pike County School Corporation summer school program is an opportunity for high school students to take courses for credit.  The types of courses are determined each spring based on student enrollment, but generally math, English, agriculture, and band classes are offered.  Contact the high school principal for further information!