School Rights

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Parents and students of the Pike County School Corporation should be aware that PCSC authorities have the following rights:

Right to Conduct A Search

School authorities may search a student's desk, locker, or person for a specific item if they believe that possession of the item involves a crime or school rule violation.

Right of Seizure

School authorities may temporarily remove a student's personal property if the items are believed to be illegal, hazardous, or disruptive.

Right to Enforce Rules and Regulations

In order to ensure safety and the welfare of all students, and to allow learning to occur, the school staff has the right to enforce reasonable rules and regulations.

Right to Notification

School personnel may notify appropriate authorities (such as police or welfare officials) if they believe a crime has been committed.

Right of Reasonable Expectations

The school faculty has the right to expect students to complete homework assignments, to be adequately prepared to participate in class, and to conduct themselves with consideration for others.

Right of Record Transfer

School authorities may transfer student records to other school systems in which the student intends to enroll without the need for written consent of the parents.  Parents will be notified of any transfer.