Student's Rights

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Freedom of Speech and Assembly

Students may express their personal opinion as long as its does not interfere with the freedom of others.  Obscenities and personal attacks are not allowed.  Students may gather peacefully as long as they do not interfere with the operations of the school.  Student meetings in the school building or school grounds must be authorized by the principal.

Freedom to Publish

Students may express in writing their personal opinions as long as the written materials or their distribution do not interfere with the educational process.  Students are responsible for any materials they publish, regardless of authorship.

Right of Access to Cumulative Record

Students and parents may review their cumulative record.  Included will be transcripts of grades and courses taken, standardized test data, and other general information pertinent to the student's achievement at school.

Right to Due Process

In the case of expulsion, a student and his/her parent have certain rights:

  • Right of written discharge

  • Right to a hearing

  • Right to call witnesses

  • Right of appeal

Complete information on the Student Due Process Procedure is available at each PCSC school.