Parent Responsibilities

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Parents of children attending the Pike County Schools are also held accountable for their actions.  Some of these include:


Parents are responsible for fulfilling the immunization requirements for their children in accordance with state law.


Parents are responsible for their child's attendance at regularly scheduled classes.  Parents who do not support their child's regular school attendance will be referred to the Pike County Attendance Review Panel.  This panel will review attendance issues, and attempt to resolve any issues affecting a student's regular attendance.

Financial Responsibility

Parents are responsible for payment of textbook rental fees.  If they do not pay, they may apply for temporary aid from the school.  The school corporation does not offer accident insurance.  Parents are responsible for insurance coverage of their child in case of accident or injury while at school.  Parents are also financially responsible for any damages or injury inflicted by their child on another individual.

Notifying School Officials

Parents are responsible for notifying the school of any change of address, custody, etc.