Pike County Federal Title 1 Program

Pre-School & Math/English Language Arts Remediation Program

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Helping Your Child Learn to Read

Every parent wants their child to succeed in life.  This starts by making sure your child is a successful student in school.  To be successful in school, children must learn to read.  The National Institute for Literacy (NIL) is an organization that assists parents and educators in making sure children are reading on grade level.  The NIL maintains a web site that contains numerous links to other literacy web sites, some that assist parents wanting to help their child learn to read at home.

To view these web links, please click on the following link ...

National Institute for Literacy:  The Partnership for Reading

Important Notice to Pike County Parents of Kindergarten Students

The Pike County School Corporation currently offers full-day kindergarten at Petersburg, Winslow and Otwell elementary schools. You may enroll your child if they turn 5 years old by no later than August 1st of each year. Full-day kindergarten is supported by a combination of state full-day kindergarten funding and local general fund dollars.

To properly register for full-day kindergarten, please contact the following individuals via e-mail or telephone:

  • Otwell Elementary School Attendance District:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , OES Principal; Telephone: 812-354-2600
  • Petersburg Elementary School Attendance District: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , PES Principal; 812-354-6700
  • Winslow School Attendance District: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , WES Principal; Telephone: 812-789-2209

Click here for "Answers to Your Questions" about enrolling your child into kindergarten!

Title 1 funding is used to support academic tutoring (remediation) and our pre-school program. Classroom aides and supplies are provided and purchased with this funding!

Indiana Parent Resource Center

927 E. 86th Street

Indianapolis, IN

Telephone: 317-205-2595

Toll Free: 866-391-1039

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What We Do ...

The Indiana Partnersh ips Center works to empower parents about their rights and responsibilities pertaining to their children's education in the following ways:

  • Providing parent focused workshops that are scheduled by schools, community groups, or parent groups.

  • Providing education-related information and resource materials, including information about the Indiana's Public Law 221 and the federal No Child Left Behind school accountability laws.

  • Helping schools develop parent engagement strategies that provide opportunities for parents to become decision makers in their children's school, resources for school improvement, and mentors to other parents, etc.

The Indiana Parent Center is sponsored in part by the Indiana Department of Education.

Click here to go to the official web site of the Indiana Parent Resource Center !!!

How is our corporation using available funds?

The Title I program is a federal program administered by the Indiana Department of Education. Title 1 funds support programs at Otwell, Petersburg, and Winslow Elementary which provide early intervention programs such as preschool, as well as academic remediation. Pre-school classes usually consist of 10 to 12 students who are chosen according to scores taken during preschool screenings each spring. Accelerated Reading (AR) and Title I remedial academic services are available for students in the upper grade levels, although Accelerated Reading is no longer a Title 1 funded program.

The Pike County Schools are preparing for an on-site compliance monitoring visit from the Indiana Department of Education, which could occur this year or next. All three Pike County elementary schools continue to be in good standing with the Indiana Department of Education, Federal No Child Left Behind legislation, and Indiana's School Accountability Public Law 221.

Pre-School Services

Children in Pike County who will be four-years-old on or before August 1st of each year, can participate in a free early childhood screening each spring. This screening consists of tests to determine the level of developmental skills, speech, and behavior/socialization attributes. Enrollment in this program is limited. Invitations are sent to those with the most assessed need. For more information, call Mrs. Terri Holmes at 812-354-8731, ext. 709, or your home school principal.

Academic Remediation Services

Academic remediation is continued at the upper levels of our elementary schools. Student grades and teacher recommendations help determine who will benefit most from the program. Highly qualified Title I paraprofessionals and instructional assistants are utilized through pull-out sessions and with small groups of students who need extra help in math/reading. These pull-out arrangements are an additional reinforcement of what the teacher is currently doing in their classroom. The teachers and paraprofessionals work together to provide additional academic support. Parents are notified by letter if their child demonstrates the need for this remediation program.

Accelerated Reading Program

The Accelerated Reading Program (AR), although not a Title I supported program, accelerates reading growth for all students in the classroom. Students simply read books from the school library, take quizzes over this material, and the teacher gets informational feedback on reading level and comprehension. Using AR continually matches kids to appropriate books within their zone of proximal development. In other words, AR ensures every student is challenged without being frustrated.

The Accelerated Reading program helps students focus attention on careful reading of books, which improves students' critical thinking skills and builds the intrinsic love of reading.

With AR, teachers get detailed and objective data to target instruction and ensure success for every student, regardless of level.

Other Title 1 Activities

Fall & Spring family activities are held every year to bring families and Title I staff together. Activities or programs are planned with information brochures and pamphlets available for parents. Title I students receive a free book at each event, as well as, door prizes. These activities build a strong connection between home and school.

How can parents get involved in their child's Title 1 Program?

Complete the Parent/Student/Teacher Compacts (Contracts). This is an agreement where parents, teachers, and students share the responsibility for improved student achievement.

1. Keep in touch on a regular basis with your child's teacher.

2. Attend fall and spring activity nights with your child.

3. Read with and to your child.


Pike County School Corporation

Title 1 Services


Section 128 of Public Law 95-561 states that each local education agency receiving funds under Title 1 shall develop and disseminate written procedures for the resolution of complaints made to the agency by parent advisory councils, parents, teachers or other concerned organizations or individuals concerning violation of this act.

Pursuant to this section the following procedures are hereby established by the Pike County School Corporation:

1. Any parent, parent organization, or other concerned organization or individual who is, or are aggrieved on violations or suspected violations of P.L. 95-561 by Title 1 personnel or program, or regulations pertaining to Title 1, may request a hearing or an investigation of their complaints in writing to the Director of the Title 1 Program, Pike County School Corporation. Within 10 days a response to the complaint in writing indicating resolution to the complaint will be made.

2. If the response from the Pike County School Corporation's Director of Title 1 services is not satisfactory to the complainant, the parent, individual, or organization, within 5 days, they may make a request for a hearing or investigation of the complaint by the Superintendent of Schools or his designee who in turn will hold a hearing or investigate and respond within 10 days of receipt of written complaint indicating resolution or decision.

3. If the response is still not satisfactory to the complainant, the parent, individual or organization may appeal the final resolution or decision to the Indiana Department of Education within 30 days of receipt of the written resolution or decision. Contact information for the state Title 1 Office is:

Title 1 Director

Division of Compensatory Education

Indiana Department of Public Instruction

Room 229 State House Indianapolis, IN 46204

4. In each of the foregoing steps, the complainant and/or complainant's representative will be provided the opportunity to present evidence including an opportunity to question parties involved.

5. Information concerning these procedures will be on file at the Administration Building and in each building principal's office. Copies will also be provided each member of the Parent Advisory Council and will be available on request to interested parties.